This is a quick note to say I’ve recently moved the main pages of this site to Jekyll. Previously the homepage was a static html file I edited on the server. The rest a series of wordpress sites, including a wordpress multisite.

It was becoming tedious to maintain, when note really adding anything, and over the years, images and other things had broken, certainly due to mistakes I made when migrating and moving content.

Above all else, I just fancied a change. 

I like the idea of a static (no php no db) website. In a way, using the wp-cache plugin in wordpress, with it’s pre-emptive option enable, was almost just this - it would build a cache of prebuilt static pages. But the php and db were still there for the hacking should a security vulnerability become well known.

I haven’t fallen in love with Jekyll yet. For a system which takes some Markdown and converts it to html, it is surprisingly heavyweight. And what I thought would be a very common pattern: I’ve written or updated something, now push the changed stuff to a webhost, seems somewhat undocumented. Lots of options to push to github and setup what seem like overly complex integrations to then push to your own server.

I will also write shortly about Joplin, which I use as a replacement for Evernote, and stores things in Markdown, and using to write this words. I’ve very good.

Anyway, for the last few years has lived up to its name more than I would actually like, I hope to change this soon.