A couple of years ago I questioned why I should renew my Evernote subscription. I was only using the basic functionality and wondered if there are alternatives out there.

I looked at a few options but settled on Joplin. It’s great and fits my needs perfectly.

  • Free and open source
  • Like Evernote (and Onenote), has Notebooks, and notes within them.
  • Apps for Mac, and Android, which is what I needed (and other platforms too)
  • Your data is stored in Mark Down and fully accessible to you. No lock-in!
  • Connects to dropbox (amongst others). All my notes are stored on my Dropbox account (as plain text Mark Down files). I just point any new device to my Dropbox folder.
  • Mark Down makes it easy to share and reuse content, eg I can paste straight to a file for Jekyll for my website - i.e. that’s exactly what I’m doing for this article.
  • Fast, focuses on the task in hand (text notes with basic markup)

Would recommend to anyone looking for something similar.